Looking at selling your home and unsure of its current value?

We can provide you with a current fair market value of your property. With over 17 years experience on the South Coast, it would be a wise choice in engaging us in what is one of your biggest life decisions. This could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Don’t take the chance and list your property below its current worth, conversely don’t list it with a too high a price tag as you will most likely lose a potential buyer within the first few weeks on the market, and may end up selling it for much less than you otherwise would.

Most properties generally sell within the first month of marketing if listed at the correct price. Demand for homes is always there, however buyers are much smarter and are far better informed than they used to be. Buyers can arm themselves with extensive knowledge of the current market with information that is freely available. The most likely buyer of your home will most probably walk through within the first few weeks on the market; correct pricing is paramount to achieving your desired sale.

If you have a sale figure in mind and want to test the market to see if it is achievable, it is far cheaper to employ a valuer to assess your chances, than to have to pay significant fees and costs associated with listing your property for sale.

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Are you thinking of purchasing a property, a place for your future home or simply for investment purposes. This is a major life decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It makes sense to have an expert (Certified Practising Valuer) provide you with a fair market value prior to purchasing to ensure you are not paying above market value.  It is not dissimilar to having a building inspection report to make sure the property is structurally sound and without any other deficiencies. Both could potentially save you $1,000s! Often a valuation will most probably cost you less than a building inspection and the valuation report will also provide you with a replacement insurance value to make sure your home or investment is adequately covered.

Barry Curzons Valuations can provide you with an expert valuation report for this specific purpose.

As with all valuation requests, we will fully inspect the property, measure all living areas, sheds, garages and outdoor living areas and we include this information within the report.

We cover all areas of metropolitan Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island and will also quote on all other areas.